Early exit in the second race at Zandvoort

Publicerad 6 maj 2012, 15.41 av WestCoast Racing.

An early exit for WestCoast Racing in the Sunday race in ADAC GT Masters at Zandvoort. Martin Matzke was forced to retire on the third lap after he was hit by a Porsche and pushed into the barriers. He returned to the pits and was forced to retire, obviously very dissapointed.
”It was wrong already from the start as they should not have released the field,” he said afterwards. ”Further down the grid there were big gaps and several lanes. I lost some places but could start gaining them back as the car felt very good. On the third lap I was clearly on the inside of the Porsche when he just turned into me, I don’t know what he was thinking. He pushed me into the barrier and back on the track I hit a Camaro which bent the steering arm. This incident was completely unneccessary.”

Fredrik Lestrup had to realise the race ended early without him getting a chance to drive today.
”Of course I’m very dissapointed. The car felt really good in the warm-up and I was looking forward to the race. Unfortunately it looked like a lot of drivers drove too aggressive today. There was nothing Martin could do, he just got pushed off the track and that was the end of our race. We’ll return at Sachsenring, a track I really like,” Fredrik said.

The dissapointing end to the weekend left Dick Jönsson Wigroth a bit puzzled with what he think was unneccssary reckless driving.
”There was nothing Martin could do about this. It looked like too many drove to reckless today. The risks are just to high when you start further back and it almost feels like a lottery whether you will get through it or not. This must improve, now we have a lot of work to do before we can return at Sachsenring.”

Result, race 2 ADAC GT Masters, Zandvoort

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