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Richard Göransson finishes 9th at Mantorp

WestCoast Racing’s penultimate STCC race turned out to be an unexciting affair. Martin Öhlin was pushed off at the start and Richard Göransson crossed the finish line in 9th place after having lost ground on the long straight at Mantorp Park fighting for 8th with Mattias Andersson. He was disappointed not to have held on to 8th and secured pole position for the last STCC race.
”This was my most boring STCC race ever,” Richard complained. ”I was very fast across the lap, but that means nothing when you lose four to six car lengths on every straight. There was nothing I could do, we’re fighting against turbo cars and very light cars, and it easily becomes frustrating. However, it is what it is, and what will be will be in the last STCC race.”

Martin Öhlin’s race was over almost as quickly as it began. Heading into the second corner he was hit by Tomas Engström who had gone off and upon re-entering the track ran straight into Martin.
”I made a mistake at the start which I have to take the blame for. I thought I saw a red light and eased up on the accelerator and so I lost a couple of positions. After that I saw Engström going off at the first corner and then he just went straight into me on his way back onto the track. There was nothing to do about it, the tie rod broke and I had no choice but to park the car.”

Richard Göransson will be 9th and Martin Öhlin next to last at the start of the last STCC race which begins at 3.35 pm.

Results, finale race 1 Mantorp Park:

1: Rickard Rydell, Chevrolet 14 laps
2: Fredrik Ekblom, Volkswagen + 3,147
3: Johan Kristoffersson, Volkswagen + 4,776
4: Patrik Olsson, Volkswagen + 5,776
5: Michel Nykjær, Chevrolet + 6,503
6: Robert Dahlgren, Volvo + 7,089
7: Thed Björk, Volkswagen + 7,470
8: Mattias Andersson, Alfa Romeo + 8,012
9: Richard Göransson, BMW + 9,770
10: Jan Nilsson, BMW + 11,315
11: Viktor Hallrup, Chevrolet + 11,315
12: Colin Turkington, BMW + 12,831
13: Johan Stureson, BMW + 18,071
14: Tomas Engström, Honda +19,182
15: Alx Danielsson, SEAT+ 19,995
16: Tobias Johansson, SEAT +21,238
17: Daniel Roos, BMW +21,461
18: Joakim Ahlberg, BMW +22,641
19: Andreas Ebbesson, BMW +24,086
20: Robin Appelqvist, SEAT +30,113
21: Claes Hoffsten, Alfa Romeo +1:09,657
22: Roger Eriksson, SEAT + 1 lap

Martin Öhlin

Tommy Rustad